What we do!

If you want to live somewhere without electricity, or you have  very unreliable electricity, we can help.

If the price of connecting your new house or rural renovation to the electricity grid and the worry about every rising bills  is putting you off living there, we can help you.

If you already live “off grid “, because you don’t want to pay the power companies crazy money to connect, want to be truly independent, and eco-friendly, or your living off generator  power, we can save you money and make your life much more peaceful.

If you need  back up electricity (UPS) and want to reduce your bills at the same time, in a low carbon way, we do that too.

If you want to increase the capacity of the electricity supply you have without paying the energy companies to upgrade, we can do that for you :cheaper and without the hassle that the Spanish power companies give you.

If your frustrated with the politics and cost of nuclear, we supply systems and components to make electricity independent of a “Grid”, and the mood of a government or massive corporation you have no control over.

We use solar, wind and gravity to store electricity in batteries, which is inverted to “normal” AC power, backed up by  auto start generators  ( only when absolutely necessary.)

If you have a Feed in solar system and would like to save even more money , we can offer battery storage, making use of up to 70% of  the power your generating.


                   You are in charge; your energy bill is constant for 10 + years

We use the very best Outback Power components, which we can monitor and support remotely.

We design around your needs and budget.

We believe there is a future for energy autonomy in an ever-changing World.

What we do is a viable option to infrastructure, politics, nuclear, rising bills and uncertainty.

Most of the system is recyclable, with recyclable value.


Our off grid system don’t use your tax to subsidise what we do for you or others.

… Yet ROIs can be from as little as 8 months with a narrow boat system , 3 years on   a commercial system and 6 years for a fully installed house system against generator use.

Wed like to hear what our technically brilliant , professional team could do for you and your independent energy needs.