About Xerogrid!

In 2008 Xerogrid director Ian Emberton bought a rural property in Spain for a second base for his motorcycle racing business.

Spain is the motorcycle racing capital of the world.

It was a large property, but without any connection to utilities such as gas, water, phone line and electricity.

Gas, could come in bottles, water can be delivered or collected from the rain,…. phone? We have mobiles, but electricity, at that time was from a dirty diesel generator.

We all think everyone can get electricity in the developed world, and in most cases this is true, but it is at a cost in rural areas, and in this rural area, both cost and planning were a 30,000 Euro headache.

Ian developed his own Off Grid Solar Powered System using Batteries and Inverters imported from Outback Power in the USA.

Soon, his system was the envy of many of the locals who asked him to supply the same.

Back in the UK, Ian found similar issues:

A farmer in York’s new build project was thwarted by a £68,000 connection fee. Ian Installed a system for £30,000 ….  Eco friendly…. And no ever-increasing bills.

…………. Followed by Ghana’s largest privately owned off grid system to run a factory, which soon won him the distributorship with Outback Power in the UK and Spain. 

With new grid connections in rural or capacity restricted areas in the UK and Spain being very expensive and complex, Xerogrid have developed turnkey solutions offering fixed price, eco friendly remote power generation. 

They can deploy the same systems in growing markets such as Western Africa, where electricity is either impossible to get or hugely unreliable.

Now distributing for a range of reputable manufacturers, the firm distributes and installs UKSol solar panels, LE wind turbines, Outback Power & Exeron Inverters, control gear and related On Grid and Off Grid accessories to customers worldwide, Ian and his growing team are moving into excellently designed Grid Connected Solar Installations.

Xerogrid sees the future in energy independence and end-user control.

With privately owned “national grids” at capacity and ever-increasing energy costs/demand, Xerogrid have developed unique Grid Interactive Systems ensuring reliable supply, whist reducing bills and carbon production.

Supported by the highly effective NatWest Bank Business accelerator, UKDTI, and the Export Exchange, Xerogrid has recently won a large export contract to support a Heath Charity in Nigeria and is dealing with all supply, tech support, design, logistics, freight in house.

Currently run from offices based in Leeds, United Kingdom, the business employs two members of staff, is open to investment offers and has firm plans to grow the team in 2018/19


Please check some of our case studies here: www.xerogrid.com/blogs/case-studies

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