Solar Power in Yorkshire?

Off Grid, we are talking about Off Grid power in Yorkshire.

Faced with a whopping ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND pound grid connection fee to power a row of beautiful stone cottages on the Howarth moors, our client used a 15kva generator for power for over ten years … at a cost of between 3 and 5 thousand pounds a year in red diesel.

We fitted 9 x 260w solar panels and paralleled 2 x 3kw Outback inverters, wall mounted, with an FM80 charge controller and a Mate 3 controller, which we could monitor and program over the internet using Optics RE.

The install isn’t quite as neat as those using the Flexware distribution boxes, but offers savings.

We’re pleased to hear our clients say this installation “ has changed their lives “  due to convenience and peace without the generator constantly running , giving them a pay back on the full install in less than 6 years.

The West Yorkshire moors are not thought of as the sunniest of places, but even there , the 9 x 260w British made sun solar panels means the generator only goes on when the work shop is using big power tools in summer.