Exeron Off-Grid Energy systems by IPS

Exeron Off-Grid

How It works

X can simultaneously control different power sources and battery storage

Uninterrupted output power through intelligent control of various energy sources: PV, wind, diesel genset and grid (if available). 

A battery is used to store energy for later use at night time, for peak shaving during day time or to provide resilient energy to the load during grid outages.

Advanced diesel genset control guarantees maximum OPEX reduction.

Battery Back up

   Ready to go with Lead-Acid, Li-Ion, LiFePo, Ni-Cad or Zinc based batteries






Oil & Gas

Defence & Security

Diesel Replacement
& OPEX Reduction




Energy Independence and Autonomy for Remote Areas

X supplies reliable power for remote objects or areas with bad or no grid electricity or improve the energy efficiency for grid connected loads.

From: 2KW         to         65MW

Exeron XS

Exeron MX

Exeron FX




From 2kW up to 4kW

From 2kW up to 12kW

From 2kW up to 24kW

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