Outback Power FLEXmax 30/40 Series MPPT Charge Controller

Outback FM30
outback mppt 30/40


» 12V/24V automatically identified or user-defined working voltage.

» 30 Amps and 40 Amps Charge Controller.

» Cast aluminum chassis provides excellent heat dissipation.

» Advanced maximum power point tracking technology optimizes the PV system, providing peak conversion efficiency as high as 98%.

» The controller provides the industry’s highest tracking efficiency of 99%.

» Supports 4 charging options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User-defined.

» The FLEXmax 30/40 Series compensates for temperature and corrects the charging and discharging parameters automatically, improving the battery life.

» The FLEXmax 30/40 Series offers protection from high temperatures, over charging, PV and load short, PV (battery) revered, and over current.


    The FLEXmax 30/40 Series charge controller charges and discharges the batteries in off grid solar applications. The smart tracking algorithm of the controller maximises PV cell energy returns.

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