FW1000 AC and DC enclosure for renewable energy applications

Enclosure AC and DC applications

FW1000 AC and DC enclosure for renewable energy applications

  • Large power requirements such as large residential, commercial or village power systems
  • Capable of supporting up to four OutBack FX Series Inverter Chargers
  • Four OutBack charge controllers
  • Compact design perfect for off grid renewable energy installations 
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting options


The FLEXware 500 is for applications with medium power requirements such as homes, light commercial or larger backup power systems using renewable sources. The FLEXware 500 system architecture can support up to two OutBack FX Series Inverter Chargers, up to two OutBack charge controllers and all the associated AC and DC components. Due to a very compact design, FLEXware 500 AC and DC enclosures mount with a FLEXware MP in either a horizontal or vertical orientation to allow installation in more space-limited locations for a fast and professional looking wall mounted renewable energy installation. The FLEXware 500 accommodates all of the essential protective devices in two enclosures.

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