Radian Series GS Load Centers

Outback Power Radian Series GS Load Centers   Outback Power Radian Series GS Load Centers

Model: GSLC, 175-AC-120/240, 175-120/240, 175-230, 175-PV-120/240, 175-PV-230, 175-PV1-120/240, 175-PV1-230

Product Highlights

  • Pre-wired or customized options for quick and easy installation
  • Dual AC inputs and DC connections
  • 120/240VAC and 230VAC designs
  • UL 1741 end-to-end
  • Dual AC inputs
  • Fully integrated from industry leading brand


 OutBack Power’s GS Load Centers are an integrated connection enclosure series for AC and DC system connections in OutBack Radian Series inverter/charger  applications, through provided inverter DC overcurrent protection and disconnects, dual AC inputs, grid-tie inverter connection and 120/240VAC or 230V maintenance bypass.

Designed for use with the Radian Series inverter/charger family, the options offer solutions for ground-up custom designs or factory pre-wired configurations for specific applications. The GSLC175-AC-120/240 can be used with AC-coupling applications in grid-tied systems.
The OutBack GS Load Centers simplify the configuration, distribution, and implementation of energy storage of the Radian Series inverter/charger through a standardised approach.

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