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LE-v50 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 12V / 24V/ 48V Extreme

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LE-v50 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 12V / 24V/ 48V

The Leading Edge LE-v50 and the LE-v50 Extreme vertical axis wind turbines are compact, silent and lightweight turbines designed to trickle charge your batteries or for low power electronic devices such as data-loggers, radio and telemetry equipment. The vertical axis design is able to work effectively in challenging conditions  compared with a horizontal axis turbine. 

The LE-v50 wind turbine was originally designed to provide power for industrial data monitoring equipment in the most extreme & remote places where there is no other power source.  It can be found supplementing Solar PV panels in ‘off-grid’ renewable energy systems.

The LE-v50 wind turbine is also a regular sight at marinas providing a trickle charge to valuable batteries whilst the owners are away. This saves money by not having to connect to ‘shore power’ or repair and replace expensive batteries that have been damaged by becoming discharged. It reduces the effects of mains induced electrolysis and corrosion on the boat as well as meaning that owners can go on extended cruises without need to run the engine.

The LE-v50 is available as a 12V, 24V and 48V wind turbine.

  • Silent operation – absolutely no noise as the turbine operates
  • Small compact size – easy to install in places where space is a premium
  • Lightweight – at only 9kg, the LE-v50 wind turbine can be installed with ease
  • Safe – the rotating blades cannot cause injury
  • Reliable – with only one moving set of parts and no brushes to wear out
  • Rugged – LE-v50 Extreme is designed & proven to survive winds up to 35m/s (80mph)
  • Easy mounting - Extruded aluminium spine and ruggedised brackets for mounting on 50mm OD pole


  • Rotor Diameter: 270mm
  • Rotor Height: 456mm
  • Rotor Type: 3-Blade Savonious
  • Blade Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Rated Output: 10 watts @ 12m/s (26mph)
  • Peak Output: 70 watts
  • Cut-in speed: 5m/s (11.1mph)
  • Weight: 9Kg
  • Generator Type: 3-Phase Brushless NIB rotor PMA
  • Output voltage: 12V, 24V or 48V wind turbine
  • Warranty: 2 years